Get To Know Us and Our Team

Father David Christ The KingIn the mid-nineteenth century, the advisor to Pope Pius IX on English affairs, Monsignor George Talbot, wrote a letter, dated 25 April, 1867, to the Archbishop of Westminster. The English cleric posed an important question: 'What is the province of the laity?' His response was provocative and adamant: 'To hunt, to shoot, to entertain. These matters they understand, but to meddle in ecclesiastical matters they have no right at all.'

Imagine how shocked Monsignor Talbot would be if he visited the parish of Christ the King today! A parish of remarkably gifted and committed lay people involved in every aspect of Church life. This is precisely what the Church of today hopes for.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce the website for Christ the King Parish. In this twenty first century, it is vital that our parishes make use of such technology in order to proclaim the Gospel of Christ. The website will provide information about our parish: its organisation, its people, its services. I am sure that you will find this website an invaluable resource.

- Canon David Roberts